Celou Bonnet

It was my love of horses that brought me to the United States in 1978. Prior to that time, I had always been interested in art and sculpting, but my passion for horses was always my first priority. Then when the thoroughbred racing stable that I worked for moved to the United States, I was given the opportunity to accompany my beloved horses. It was here in America that I finally understood the true meaning of freedom. There are more opportunities and fewer barriers for women in United States than in Europe. Upon my arrival, I was encouraged to apply for my trainer’s license and pursue a career in art – something that would have been impossible for me to do while living in France. I love the country of my birth and visit my family and friends often, but I have made the United States my home and I choose to celebrate this choice with my artwork. Every experience I have had in my life is reflected in my artwork. The beauty and nobility of the countless horses I have worked with, the country of my birth and the country I adopted as an adult – all meld together to create an experience that is evident in my sculptures. I work in bronze because there is tremendous life and strength in this medium – Not unlike the tremendous life and strength of the horses I’ve ridden. For years, I communicated to horses through the subtle gesture of my hands. Now I am using my hands to communicate through my artwork.

Listening to Horse

  • FALLBROOK, Calif. – Wanting to show the symbiosis between humans and horses, Célou Bonnet pens “Listening to Horses: From Provence to California” (published by Xlibris). Célou believes that with the synergy between the two, so many things in the world were accomplished together.

    Found within the pages of the book are some true life stories that Célou personally experienced. Most of these stories happen in the world of horses. The book also showcases Célou’s love for the horses, their beauty and their intelligence. “Listening to Horses” also demonstrations how to understand their minds for a better communication.

    “Today’s society need beauty, peace, love and joy, and the content of my book shows that horses can bring you all of the above with happiness,” says Célou.

    Listening to Horses